Different Kinds of Self Bunded Tanks

Self-bunded tanks are practical form of investment if your business will require a better, safer, and more secure storage system for your combustible and flammable liquids. They are usually made from double steel walls, hence, they are considered as highly effective for self-containment and perfectly suitable for storage for onsite fuel.

Different Kinds of  Self Bunded Tanks

Self bunded tanks are highly reputed for its durability and toughness. Their double steel wall attribute is a perfect feature for preventing spillage of the liquid that it is trying to hold and contain. This ensures you that the surrounding environment is safe and secure from contamination or damage due to accidental spills.

If you have this double-walled tank within your company premises, it will be beneficial to your staff and employees in the sense that they it completely eliminates the need for them to make trips to a nearby fuel station just to refill their machineries or vehicles. They can just head their car or machinery to the tank if they need to refuel. Doing so would help them save company resources their valuable time and money.

In addition to this, you can also have this double-walled fuel tank  installed in your facility that is situated in a remote location because these kinds of tanks can be relocated and installed easily to where you need to have it. And even if they come in different types and shapes, all of them are actually suitable for petrochemical, petroleum and chemical applications.

To help you identify which type of bunded tank is most suitable to your business requirement, you may want to refer to the information given below.  

Self Bunded Tank (Wraptank)

They are the round-shaped, traditional fuel tanks. These are the types of fuel storage tanks that takes away the need for complicated bunding requirements. Aside from which they also provide flexibility and optimizes cost effectiveness.

Self Bunding tanks are skid mounted. They are equipped with standard tank fittings such as the anti-siphon protection and overfill.

Another attractive key feature about this type of storage system for combustible fuel is on high demand these days is because they can be manufactured in such a way that they will cater to the specific requirements of your business. Normally, they can hold liquid from 1000 litres up to a maximum of 10,000 litres.  

Rectangular Self  Bunded Storage Wraptank

One of the key features of this type of tank is that it can provide you with the versatility and effectiveness of a round-shaped, tradition bunded tank. Both share almost similar features, but a rectangular storage wraptank has these additional attributes:

  • Front cowling area supplied with a drain point.
  • Inspection bolted manway
  • Vented and monitored interstial space

As for this type’s capacitance for containing liquid, it can hold from about  7, 000 to a maximum of 10,000 litres. With this type of fuel storage tank, you are assured that your business can have a complete and versatile storage solution for its petrochemical and petroleum requirements.

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Container Wraptank

We  consider this type of fuel storage tank as innovatively designed that is contained within a rectangular frame. It comes with a traditional tank’s durability and the versatility of a shipping container.

The key features for this tank are as follows:

  • 60mm access manhole
  • Lockable security gates.
  • Full range of dispensing, fuel management systems.
  • Rated overfill protection comes with mechanical shut off feature and a mechanism for audible alarm.
  • Self supporting does not require internal baffles,  assuring the safe level if there requirement for internal access.

A container wraptank can hold liquids from 10,000 to a maximum amount of 70,000 litres. Hence, this option is ideal for business entities with requirements for  large volumes of liquid fuel stored onsite