Maintenance Tips for Your 3D Printer in Australia

Maintenance Tips for Your 3D Printer in Australia

So many technologies and innovations have changed our lives today. One of them is the use of 3D printing. With this technology, the way how businesses and people work have greatly changed. So many things have been invested and tasks that have been made possible. However, as much as we get to enjoy the many benefits the technology has to offer, a 3D printer also needs to be maintained to make sure that it is in its best condition.

If you are in Australia and have been using a 3D printer for quite a while now, for sure, it has become an indispensable technology for the production and development process. Perhaps, before you go to sleep at night you’d want to start the printer so a prototype will be waiting for you the next morning. But nothing can be more frustrating than seeing that your printer has encountered an error. Your printer is a machine and just like with other machines, it is a must to implement proper maintenance. Here are some tips that you may consider.

Right Environment

One of the most significant aspects when it comes to the durability of the 3D printer is the environment where it is placed. It is better if it is in an office environment so that dirt and dust, as well as other environmental factors,  would not influence the printer.

When it is in a manufacturing setting, the risk of dirt and dust getting into it or on its filaments is higher. This could also clog its nozzle as dirt could gather here. Aside from dust and dirt, the ambient temperature is important for the printer. A room temperature that is between 21ºC and 24ºC is likely to result in the best prints and will increase the operating life of the printer.


You may place the printer in a clean environment, but you would still have to be sure that the printer itself is neat and clean. Proper cleaning will get rid of the clogs in the nozzle so it delivers the best results and extends the operating life of the nozzle. You may use a special stainless-steel style of the nozzle for rough fibers. Also, a thorough clean-up of the printer bed after every printing with the use of the right cleaner is best recommended. Be sure that you empty the filament waste bin on a regular basis and do not miss the filament that fell on the bottom of the printer casing.

Schedule a Maintenance

Aside from the things that you can do by yourself, it is equally important to have all the technical aspects of the printer checked. Regardless if you think that your 3D printer is doing fine, having regular maintenance for it has so many advantages to offer.

If you are in Australia and a 3D printer is a must for you, be sure that you apply these tips so you can make the most of your printer.

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