Steel Profile Cutting

Steel profile cutting is technique that uses a computerized machine to cut and shape steel and other metals. It has been used by many businesses involving metal cutting and designing. Steel is cut on a specialized table using a CNC profile cutter or machine with a specific program. These machines can vary depending on the type of material being cut and its thickness.

CNC profile cutters are able to cut through steel, metal, aluminum, wood, and other materials precisely. These cutting machines are multi-axis tools that are able to move in different directions, making precise cuts on the material. Plasma, laser, and waterjet are some of the techniques used in cutting. They cut materials in a unique way, which is very different from traditional cutters. Before cutting, the steel is first cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning the piece of steel prior to cutting guarantees no residue. This way, precision cutting is ensured.


Profile Cutting Machines

The following are the most commonly used profile cutters for steel. Each type of machine has its own benefits.


Oxy profile cutting machine

Oxy profile cutting is a low cost method to cut a steel plate into a two-dimension profile. Typically, oxy-acetylene flame is used to cut through the steel. This type of profile cutting method is best when heat is not a concern in cutting the steel. It is also suitable for cutting steel plates that are up to 300 mm thick.

Oxy fuel cutters, or simply oxy cutting machines, can cut through extremely thick steel and metals easily. This cutting method uses a torch of oxygen and fuel in very high velocity, making it capable of cutting steel plates to almost any shape no matter how thick. Counterweights, industrial weights, and other heavy metal components are examples of products made out of oxy profile cutters.


Plasma profile cutting machine

Plasma profile cutters are used for cutting carbon metals and stainless steel profiles. This profile cutting machine is best for cutting any grade and thickness of metal. Plasma cutting uses less heat compared to other cutting methods, and it makes minimal distortion because it uses pressurized gas not direct heat. This pressurized gas is electrically charged to produce an arc, which is plasma. The plasma is the thing that cuts the steel. Plasma cutters today are in high definition, which offers cleaner cuts through 3mm-25mm thick steel.

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Laser profile cutting machine

Laser profile cutting is also a cost effective method and it produces less distortion. This method of cutting is best suitable for thinner sheets of metals and steel that are about 0.2 mm to 25 mm thick. This profile cutter uses a laser beam to cut through steel, which is extremely accurate. The beam of laser light is focused on the area to be cut, burning or vaporizing the metal. The laser cuts very neatly. The laser also has the ability to do close nesting and narrow cutting of steel. Laser cutting is very accurate in cutting steel, delivering a high quality finish.