Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Australia: The Mistakes One Should Avoid

In Australia, testosterone replacement therapy has been the word-of-mouth of many people. More and more individuals are getting curious about it, especially the benefits it has to offer. But the thing is, many of them get overwhelmed and just focus on the good ones about this therapy, thus taking for granted some of the most important things. As a result, they commit mistakes that can actually impact their overall life. Below are some of the most common mistakes that people make.

Australia’s Replacement Therapy: Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Using “Street Sources” Testosterone

There are some situations wherein a doctor may not support the use of testosterone for the patient. Thus, the patient may try to obtain it illegally by buying from the black market. It is important to know that testosterone is a controlled substance and should be prescribed legally by a doctor. Buying or using it without proper prescription can have legal consequences.

The use of this so-called street testosterone is dangerous because no one exactly knows what it contains. Some of them may just have peanut oil, grape seed or sesame oil. At the same time, one will be at the risk of being exposed to contaminants that can cause infection.

  1. Not Exploring which Option is Best

When it comes to testosterone replacement therapy in Australia, there are so many options to choose from. Thus, it is important that you take your time to find out which one is best for you. There are factors that you need to consider when deciding. The factors would include: cost, convenience, fear of needles, insurance coverage, schedule, doctor’s familiarity of the products and many more. Not taking time to explore your options can let you end up making the wrong decisions and just make things worse for you. The other person’s need may be different from you or the kind of treatment that you need may not be for others.

  1. Not Using the Right Doses

Men who decide to have the therapy needs to have their testosterone blood level properly checked a few weeks or a month after starting with the therapy before administering doses. This is very crucial because the results are an important factor in determining the right dose.

  1. Cycling on and off

Testosterone is basically a life-long commitment for the most part. One starting with it, one is expected to stay on it, unless there is an occurrence of unmanageable side effects. Some people think that giving their body a little break is a good thing. Without them knowing it, by the time when they are taking the testosterone, the body actually stops producing it. Stopping with the therapy means having no testosterone in the system for some time.

  1. Stopping Abruptly

Some people might be under some medicines for their other conditions while on the therapy. There are medications that can actually increase triglycerides and cholesterol. When this happens, some doctors may prematurely blame testosterone instead of new medications that the patient have started with.

These are only a few mistakes that are often committed. Knowing what you are getting into is very important in order to avoid these things.