Useful Tips to Follow for Air Compressor Repairs

Air compressor repairs are a must but damages can be avoided. In this case, the right maintenance is valuable to guarantee the efficient operation and longer life of an air compressor. At the same time, this helps reduce operational costs. Poor maintenance is likely to lead to malfunctions and eventually, breakdown if the upkeep is neglected. Breakdowns can cost a lot because you will not only be paying for the repair  due to the loss of production as well.

Air Compressor Maintenance Tips

Owner’s Manual

It is important to keep the manual that comes with the air compressor. Of course, you need to read and understand its contents. To make it easier, you need to put the manual in a place where you can easily retrieve it whenever you need it.

Generally, air compressors are very reliable and do not require daily maintenance. But in case of a problem, the manual will be of great help. This is where the do’s and don’ts can be found, as well as some helpful tips on how to safely and effectively operate the equipment.

Useful Tips to Follow for Air Compressor Repairs


To avoid air compressor repairs, be sure that the equipment is always dry, clean, and free of dust and debris. For compressors that are permanently installed, be sure that there is right ventilation and cooling in the room where the compressor is. Overheating is likely to happen if there not enough cooling and ventilation.

Inlet Air Filter

The majority of industrial compressors come with an inlet air filter. This helps ensure clean air intake and serves as a silencer. Its inlet filter requires regular inspection to guarantee proper cleanliness. There will be lower operational efficiency due to the clogged filter. This leads to higher electricity consumption.

Tighten All Fasteners

Regardless of the compressor type, the equipment produces vibrations as it runs. But there are some that produce lower vibrations as a rotary compressor compared to the reciprocating type of compressors. Both of them should be checked on a regular basis in order to ensure that all nuts and bolts have not loosened. Also, all fasteners should be tightened as soon as they become loose. 


Proper lubrication is very important so the compressor would operate smoothly. Without proper lubrication, there will be excessive wear that will soon lead to parts breakdown. Given this, you need to use the right amount and high-quality oil as recommended by the manufacturer. Moreover, check the oil level and refill it if necessary.

Be sure also that you do not miss any sludge buildup. In case the oil breaks down, this will thin out and reduces its lubrication properties, thus causing more wear to the components. The oil should be changed following the recommended intervals set by the manufacturer.